Changing Media Summit 2011 – Quotable Quotes

“No-one buys crap, even if it’s free”
Stevie Spring CEO Future Publishing

“You resent me charging you for news content, well, I resent you for expecting it to be free”
Paul Hayes, Managing Director, commercial, News International

“Vision without execution, is just a hallucination”
Ralph Rivera, Director of Digital Media, BBC

“An iPhone app is not a mobile strategy”.
Ian Carrington, Google Head of Mobile EMEA

“Can we create Serendipity?”
Dennis Crowley, Co-founder FourSquare

“If you haven’t got a mobile strategy, then you haven’t got a future strategy”
Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

“Rather than marketing pulling the strings its us, we create advocates by creating content experiences for people to share”
James Kirkham, Co-founder Holler

“The real killer app will be when you can point Google Goggles at your date and get all the red flags they’re trying to hide”.
Arianna Huffington, Founder Huffington Post

“Percentage of music that is digital: 80%. Percentage of digital newspapers: 2% opportunity or pending disaster”
might have been Michael Burgess – Head of Digital, Seven Squared

“[Channel Four‘s] Seven Days was TV eating itself”
James Kirkham, Co-founder Holler

“Seems like newspapers are trying to create consumers out of audiences and brands are trying to create audiences out of consumers”
Tweet spotted by Arianna Huffington – couldn’t find the name


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